Are you looking for something fun and a little bit different for your child’s birthday party? Let us help. We offer a variety of science themed parties with lots of fun yet educational activities to keep your little ones and their friends entertained. Please contact us to discuss your little one’s interests so we can make their special day one to remember!

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Geology Rocks!

We offer a variety of geology themed parties from rocks that float and rocks that glow to a junior prospector’s party. Your Junior Geologists are given a brief talk about the science of geology and then they can put their geology skills into practice with a selection of fun activities!


Diggin' Dinosaurs!

Is your child crazy about Dinosaurs?  Let us show them a ‘Roaring’ good time. Your junior Palaeontologists will have the opportunity to see some fossil specimens and put their palaeontological skills into practice with some entertaining activities.



Discover the world of Insects with our minibeast party. We will introduce your junior Entomologists to a variety of live insects, their lifecycles and other interesting insect facts. Followed by some fun activities and if your venue is suitable we can take your junior entomologists on an insect hunt to discover what lives in their own backyard.


Butterflies Galore!

Does your child dream of butterflies? Let us bring their butterfly dreams to reality with live butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalises. Your junior Lepidopterist will learn some fascinating facts about Monarch butterflies and their life cycles and have the opportunity to hold a butterfly in our pop-up enclosure and explore other engaging activities. Please contact us to discuss your party as butterflies may not be available at your required time year.  (Currently unavailable)